KSA statements are often one of the
MOST IMPORTANT factors determining
whether or not you'll get the position
YOU want!

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KSA Statements

For more than 10 years, our staff of contracted resume writing professionals has been helping clients successfully win government jobs in all sectors.

Hiring a team of experienced KSA writing EXPERTS to create flawless, job-winning KSA statements is one of the BEST investments you can possibly make in your career. Let us re-define your knowledge, skills and abilities in a light that makes you irresistibly hirable. Turnaround is fast!

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Federal-Resumes.us has already
created thousands of successful
resumes that landed government jobs
for our clients...

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Resume Writing Services

Every Federal resume & KSA produced by our site comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: If there is ANYTHING about our work with which you are not THRILLED (highly unlikely), let us know within 30 days and we'll revise it at no additional charge!

Whether you're applying for your very first government job or have decades worth of upper-level experience, we'll transform your background into an unbeatable, job-winning Federal resume.

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We'll critique your current resume FOR
FREE within just 1 business day!
There is absolutely NO obligation!!!

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Free Resume Review!

Deciding to have our team begin creating your new Federal resume and KSA responses couldn't possibly be any easier...

We are so confident in our ability to write job-winning resumes, that we'll send YOU a FREE review of your own resume AND we'll include an editing sample---demonstrating our talents! After you've reviewed our example, we're SURE you'll return to our site to hire us to complete your new Federal resume and/or KSA statements.

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