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KSAs for Government Jobs
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"What is a KSA?"
When reviewing government job postings, you may find that in addition to a resume, KSAs are required. “KSA” stands for Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.   Depending on the job, you may be asked to provide anywhere from one to ten KSA statements. 


"Do I have to include the KSA(s)?"

Absolutely!  The government is a stickler for conformance.  If you don’t include EVERYTHING they require, their recruiters won’t read your resume.  Don’t expect the Federal Government to assess your qualifications –-- TELL THEM what you have to offer by hiring our experienced team to create job-winning KSAs on your behalf! Click here


"What goes into a KSA?"

For each KSA, you will be asked about how your knowledge, skills and abilities support the specific job requirement that is being addressed.  You’ll need to provide a factual-based statement about your knowledge as it applies to the relevant part of the job (Knowledge).  Next, they’ll want you to provide a comprehensive background of your skills, such as data entry (Skills).  Finally, you'll need to convince them that you are ABLE to fulfill the requirements as indicated in the KSA (Abilities).


"Can I order ONLY KSAs or
must I also have you write my resume?"

Our secure order form WILL allow you to order one or the other but we HIGHLY recommend that if you are ordering KSA responses, you also have us rewrite your Federal resume as well.


"Can’t I just write my own?"

If you are truly invested in your future, NO! A well-written KSA can make the difference between remaining stuck in your current position and building a rewarding career.  If our letter-perfect KSAs land you the government job YOU want even ONE WEEK sooner, they are likely to more than pay for themselves.  E-mail us a KSA response/statement that you've already written and, within 24 hours, we'll send you a FREE critique and editing sample demonstrating our skills.  We KNOW you’ll be impressed!


"How much will it COST?"

KSA statements/responses are only $69.95/each and standard turnaround time is just 4-5 days. 3-4 day rush services are also available for an additional $29.95.  (Note: Rush fee is applied only ONCE to entire order and NOT to each individual KSA.)


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