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We'll help you produce the career results you dream of at prices in line with waking reality...
Federal resume writing starts at just $179.95 and standard turnaround time is only 4-5 days. 

Federal-Resumes.us guarantees success!
Our writers will continue to work with you until you are confident that you have the BEST possible tool for achieving YOUR career goals!

Did you know that Federal resume writing services are usually tax deductible?
After deducting the low cost of our services from this year's taxes, the net amount you spent on your new power resume is likely to end up being even less!

Federal Resumes & KSAs for
Government Professionals - Q & A

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"Can you write resumes for ANY government job?"
Absolutely!  Over the years, we’ve built a team of contracted experts in order to make sure that every resume writing project is assigned only to a seasoned professional with extensive experience helping clients achieve VERY specific career goals. Whether you're applying for your very first government job or you have decades worth of high-level/grade experience, we can definitely transform your work history into a powerful career marketing tool. 

"Can I order ONLY KSAs or
must I also have you write my resume?"

It's YOUR choice! Our secure order form WILL allow you to order one or the other but we HIGHLY recommend that if you are ordering KSA responses, you also have us rewrite your Federal resume as well. Most government job applicants cannot effectively edit their own resumes as well as a professional. Do you really want to RISK not having the BEST resume possible? Let our experts arrange your employment history to truly showcase that which prospective government employers WANT to see.


"What if I’m targeting numerous government positions?"
Federal-Resumes.us provides additional resume versions with disparate objectives and accompanying KSAs at discounted rates. After placing your initial order, simply log in to our customer service center and select the "ADDITIONAL SERVICES" option to request alternate versions of your resume. For years to come, you'll also be able to utilize our customer service center to easily request resume updates and alterations.


"Can I preview your work?"

Surely! E-mail us your current resume, along with a description of your employment objective, and we’ll send you a FREE review, critique and editing sample. If you don't already have a resume, email us as much information about your work history and background as possible. As the saying goes, "You've got nothing to lose!"


"What if I’m not completely satisfied with your work?"

Throughout our 10+ year history, unsatisfied clients have been extremely* rare. Even when dissatisfaction does occur, we quickly reverse and resolve the issue. If there is anything about our work with which you're not entirely satisfied, we'll  revise it at no additional cost to you!


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